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Google Chrome 86 Protects its Users

Starting with Chrome 86, Google's browser will tell its users that the forms they're trying to fill in aren't secure. When this happens, the program will disable its password manager automatically. The company hopes that the move will encourage web developers to upgrade their sites to HTTPS.


New Linux Platinum Foundation Member

Facebook has used Linux for many of its projects throughout the years. Now, the social media giant has joined The Linux Foundation as a platinum member. According to the company, open source has played a key role in its efforts to build community, fostering innovation and helping people.


Windows 10 Preview Build 20190

Microsoft's OS will highlight the most significant changes after each Windows update from now on. To enable this option, be sure to activate "Show me the Windows welcome experience" in Settings -> System -> Notifications & actions. The feature is already available for Windows Insiders.


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Best Wi-Fi Analyzers

Want to boost wireless signal? There are several simple, inexpensive devices that can help you achieve this goal. You could use one of these high-gain Wi-Fi antennas, for example, or you can build your own antenna using a can of Pringles potato chips. Alternatively, you could buy a signal repeater, which is guaranteed to increase Wi-Fi range. But before doing that, you should evaluate wireless signal strength. Don't worry, it is easy to do it, and most of the applications which are highlighted in this article won't cost you any money. Here are the best ones.

If you want to use a desktop application, Microsoft's WiFi Analyzer is a good option, and the generous developer allows its users to install it on up to 10 computers. Download the program from Microsoft's store, install it, and then run it; your PC will become a powerful wireless signal analyzer.


Best Free Antivirus

Frankly, I can't recommend too many free antivirus solutions wholeheartedly. While Kaspersky, AVG and Avira offer free versions of their security suites, some of them lack a few essential features, such as ransomware protection, wireless security checks, phishing protection, and more. It is hardly a surprise, because if the free versions included all the needed protection, no one would buy the commercial versions, right?

However, there is a free, fully featured antivirus solution which has improved a lot during the last few years. Yes, I am talking about Microsoft Defender, the OS maker's built-in security package. The company has bought antivirus technology from GeCAD Software back in 2003, anti-spyware technology from GIANT Company Software in 2004, and so on.


Popular Software News

Dropbox Passwords, Vaults and Sync

The company has added three impressive features to its service. With Dropbox passwords, you can store and sync passwords across all devices. Dropbox Vault gives you the option to save sensitive documents securely, while the computer backup feature will store the data folders on your PC in the cloud.


wordpress p2WordPress Launches P2 Standalone

Automattic, the maker of WordPress, has been using P2 to give its team access to projects, files, collaboration tools, etc. for quite some time now. And believe it or not, they are making the package available to everyone, allowing people to share information and collaborate from anywhere in the world.


privacyChange Your Browser Privacy Settings

Several security consultants have emphasized the potential for misuse of the IP address, location information, visited websites, computer hardware IDs, etc. that can be gathered by advertising companies which can spy on people's online activities. Fortunately, browser makers have given us a few ways to fight back.


firefoxFirefox Gets Next-Gen Anti-Tracking

Mozilla has announced a new anti-tracking mechanism for its browser, which will be available starting with Firefox 79. The system will block redirect tracking, the advertisers' ability to track people's behavior on the Internet using specially engineered cookies, which are tied to the site that's currently being visited.